Winter Wonderlands

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter. Temperatures are dropping. Everyone is starting to bundle up to go outside. Snow is even in the forecast. So it’s time to start planning your first cold-weather getaway. Here are five winter wonderlands in the United States and Europe to consider this year. A hot beverage will be awaiting your arrival.

Photo: Ocean House

Westerly: Begin the holiday season with a stone fireplace, fireside carols and cocktails, the promise of Santa Claus’ arrival, an herbal steam room, a wine tasting, a cooking class, and a four-course dinner at a reconstructed beach hotel in New England.

Photo: Stone Harbor Recreation

Stone Harbor: Check out a new spa, a renovated hotel, a sophisticated restaurant, and an affulent beach community during the off-season in the Garden State.

Photo: Flocons de Sel

Megève: Find freshly fallen snow, a traditional mountain bistro, a center square reserved for pedestrians and sleds, chic boutiques outlined with twinkling lights, and a rustic-chic restaurant with three Michelin stars in a magical ski town in the Alps.

Photo: Matheus Swanson via flickr

Lucerne: Discover a classic hotel, great restaurants, cheese and chocolate shops, ski slopes, crisp mountain air, and lots of sunshine around a cobalt freshwater lake in Central Switzerland.

Photo: U NP Plitvička jezera

Plitviče Lakes National Park: Have a large national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, 16 interconnected lakes, and slushy trails practically to yourself in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe.


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