Tepoztlán, Mexico

Photo: Amomoxtli

It’s time to put yourself first—for once. Over the last few months, you’ve been worried about everyone around you. It’s completely understandable. But you’ve forgotten about your own well-being and sanity in the process. It’s fine to let someone else handle things. It’s okay to think about your own health, both physical and mental. And it’s necessary to take a break. So take one.

Tepoztlán is the perfect place to recharge. The Pueblo Mágico town (a distinction Mexico bestows on beautiful rural towns) lies less than two hours south of Mexico City. It’s surrounded by sandstone monolith mountains. A pre-Aztec temple, El Tepozteco, sits atop one of them. It’s dedicated to the god of pulque (an ancient alcoholic drink made from the fermented sap of the agave plant) and worth the hike for the stunning view. The center of town is well-preserved. It has cobblestone streets, a traditional market, and a restored convent that’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While homemade ice cream, made in exotic flavors, is everyone’s favorite treat.

This picturesque colonial town also has a New Age vibe. Think Joshua Tree, Santa Fe, or Sedona. There are spas, meditation groups, and temazcals (those igloo-shaped sweat lodges). UFO sightings aren’t uncommon. While a spiritual aura seems to the hover around the mountains. It gives Tepoztlán a mystical, almost magical, atmosphere.

Photo: Amomoxtli

You certainly don’t have to be searching for cosmic energy to enjoy Tepoztlán, though. There’s a new hotel, the area’s first luxury one, within walking distance of the main square. Amomoxtli just opened last year. When you pass through its iron gates, you find twisted ahuehuete trees, odd-looking cacti, fragrant bougainvillea, and small ponds. Herbs from the garden are used in the kitchen, the Aztec-inspired spa, and the hotel’s own temazcal. Those imposing mountains stand guard in the background.

Amomoxtli’s main house looks like it belongs on a grand Mexican estate. That’s where you find the living room, the library, a bar, and the terrace. Mesa de Origen, the restaurant that smells like a grandmother’s kitchen, sources its produce from Tepoztlán’s market and its recipes from Morelos, Mexico’s second-smallest state. The gorgeous pool—lined with white sunbeds and gas fire pits—is just beyond that. Mezcal-based cocktails and wood-fired pizzas from the pool bar ensure you won’t go far once you settle under an umbrella.

The rooms, which feel tucked away, are simply furnished. They have beamed ceilings, modern artwork, and organic bath products. You expect to spend more time outside of yours, though. A stone arch leads to the open-air living room. It has lounge chairs and another fire pit surrounded by lots of greenery. You can already picture yourself ending each evening with a glass of wine under its string of white lights. Amomoxtli instantly captives you. Maybe there’s something in the air here after all.


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