Whitefish, Montana

Photo: Averill Hospitality

Weekends don’t matter anymore. It’s oddly, suddenly true. In the last few months, many people started working from home. A lot of them won’t return to the office on a full-time basis. Schedules changed. Hours became more flexible. Plus you can do your job just about anywhere. So take advantage of it.

It feels like you’ve been trying to get to Whitefish forever. The Rocky Mountain town is known as Montana’s outdoor recreation playground. It’s the home of Whitefish Lake and Whitefish Mountain Resort. It’s considered the gateway to Glacier National Park. It’s also surrounded by glacier-carved valleys, jagged peaks, and alpine lakes. No wonder it’s the fastest-growing area in Big Sky Country.

Whitefish is remote, though. Very remote. It sits in the northwest corner of Montana. The Canadian border is only 60 miles away. There is an airport, Glacier Park International Airport, but its weekend flights book quickly. A weekend doesn’t sound long enough anyway. So go earlier in the week, set up a mobile office in your hotel room, get your work done, and have extra time to play.

Photo: Averill Hospitality

The Firebrand Hotel is an ideal spot to do both. The downtown hotel, which opened a few years ago, is the nicest place to stay in Whitefish. Its brick building fittingly looks like a mountain lodge. Wooden beams and floors, stonework, and cut logs fill the lobby. That leads to the sleek Firebrand Restaurant. A gas fireplace, leather furniture, and soft throws make the open space feel cozy. The lounge serves Montana craft beer and tapas-style small plates. There’s also a coffee bar with Montana Coffee Traders beverages and housemade baked goods to help you start the workday in the morning.

In order to work, you need a comfortable workspace. Your deluxe room has a desk with a leather chair, a USB charging station, and, when you need a distraction, a view of the mountains. French doors lead to the large bathroom, which has a stone floor and an all-glass shower, as well.

Then, when you need a break, you can head upstairs to the rooftop. The patio features lounge seating, a fire pit, and a hot tub. Yoga classes are offered in the morning. Drink service is available at night. Just don’t try to do any work up here. You can see Central Avenue (lined with shops and restaurants), Whitefish Lake, and Big Mountain’s ski and bike trails in the distance. They’re all anxiously waiting for you to finish up for the day.


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