Córguinho, Brazil

Photo: Casana Hotel

It’s time to fly south. You’re in search of longer days, brighter sunshine, and warmer temperatures. Endless beaches are a priority, too. Brazil is an obvious spot. You’ve traveled up and down its east coast in search of pristine white sand. Governador Celso Ramos. Rio de Janeiro. Itacaré. Trancoso. But what about the country’s north coast? It’s always overlooked. That makes it an ideal destination right now.

You’re going to have to work for this trip. Your first flight is south to São Paulo. It’s hard to avoid the busiest airport in Brazil. A connection to Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, sends you back in the opposite direction. The northeast state, which has almost 400 miles of coastline, is known as the Land of Light. Perfect. Now it’s just a four-hour drive to Preá Beach. Don’t worry, it’s worth it.

Preá is a remote stretch of nearly 10 miles of unspoiled white sand. It borders the Acaraú River and Jericoacoara National Park. It’s known for its extensive dunes, colorful birds, and excellent kitesurfing conditions. It’s also home to a boutique hotel that’s about to become your house on the beach.

Photo: Casana Hotel

Casana is a perfect little hideaway. Its wooden, thatched-roof buildings open directly onto the sand. They’re filled with items that the owners have picked up as they travel the world. There’s a television lounge and a guest office near the reception desk. They’ll keep you informed and connected to the real world. Eight bungalows are spaced among the gardens. Though they’re full of high-tech amenities (the air conditioning, the curtains, and the lights are all automated), it’s the outdoor space with which you fall in love. Your pool suite features a double sunbed, twin hammocks, and, yes, your own infinity pool. They all have uninterrupted views of the ocean.

Eventually, you should tear yourself away from the view to check out the rest of the hotel. Wooden beams and blonde-wood furniture fill the Lounge Bar & Restaurant. It serves organic vegetables, fresh seafood, and strong caipirinhas. One of the dining room’s walls opens out toward the pool. Its black bottom gives it a mirror-life effect. A row of sunbeds and a row of hammocks lead to a fire pit on the grass. A kite lounge (picture a ski shop for kitesurfers) and the beach are just steps from there.

Usually, you’d take this time to start settling into a new space. After a tour of the hotel, you’d order a drink, get to know the staff, and start planning your upcoming adventures. Casana doesn’t feel new, though. You already feel relaxed and completely comfortable. You might have just found your home for the winter.


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