La Pointe, St. Lucia

Photo: Têt Rouge Resort

Air travel is slowly becoming a reality again. Rapid testing sites are opening at airports around the country. Airlines are adding flights to routes that practically stopped during the pandemic. Air on those flights circulates through the same type of HEPA filters that are used in operating rooms. While not complying with mask mandates during flights could get you banned for life. Most people are taking this seriously. So can you finally travel?

Maybe. Long flights might not be worth the risk. They leave too many scenarios (eating, drinking) for people to need to remove their masks. Same with connecting flights, which add a lot of time in airports. So start with a short, direct flight. In just a few hours, you could literally be in paradise.

You should plan to stay awhile. A long weekend just isn’t worth the hassle. Plus, your schedule looks a lot different than it did eight months ago. Since you’re no longer commuting into the office, your time is a lot more flexible. As long as you have a strong WiFi connection, you can work virtually anywhere. That means you can join a Zoom meeting in your hotel room, talk to clients by the pool, and work on your computer as you sip a cocktail. St. Lucia will be a good test.

Photo: Têt Rouge Resort

There’s a quiet spot on the Caribbean island’s southwest coast. It’s part of Choiseul, a quarter known for its Carib villages, coal pot manufacturing, and roadside craft market. Tourists navigate its treacherous roads in search of sugar mill ruins, black-sand beaches, and series of waterfalls. They stay longer than planned when they see the view of Gros Piton with St. Vincent in the background.

At Têt Rouge Resort, you don’t have to worry about the driving conditions. The hillside hotel has an uninterrupted view of the volcano, the islands, and the bright blue sea from, well, just about everywhere. The six Sea View Suites have cathedral ceilings, handmade mahogany furniture, and folding glass doors. They lead to hammocks on their terraces and outdoor rainfall showers. Ti Coco, the open-air restaurant, has little wooden tables, fruit picked from the garden, and local specialties (be sure to try the Creole bread). More fresh fruit, this time limes, are used to create drinks for happy hour at the bar. A Têt Rouge, the signature cocktail, can also be served under a shady palapa on the sundeck.

That’s where you’ll spend most of your time. Nothing obstructs the perfect view from the 40-foot, saltwater infinity pool. It gets even better, if possible, at sunset. Paradise found? You should give yourself a solid week to be sure.


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