The Best of Greece

Greece is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. That means it must be one of the oldest vacation destinations, as well. Here are 13 of our favorite spots in the Southeast European country. One of them is sure to become your lucky charm.

Photo: Onar Andros

Ahla: Relax in a peaceful setting, high mountains intersected by fruitful valleys, picturesque villages, ancient stone bridges, pristine beaches, well-marked hiking trails, a well-protected beach, and a rustic-chic hotel after most people forget the Greek islands once fall rolls around.

Photo: Aristi Mountain Resort

Aristi: Imagine driving higher and higher into the mountains, breaking frequently when the road looks icy, passing little stone villages with icicles dangling from their slate roofs, pine trees drooping with heavy snow, arched bridges that haven’t been cleared yet, and rocky peaks capped in white in the distance in an unexpected winter wonderland.

Photo: Wydra Grafik Design

Astypalaia: Claim a butterfly-shaped island, a black stone castle, eight well-preserved windmills, whitewashed buildings, little tavernas, a pebbly beach, small fishing boats, and a boutique hotel in between the Cyclades and Dodecanese island chains as your own.

Photo: AthensWas

Athens: Stay to finally see the Parthenon, the Erechtheion, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, and a new design hotel in the Greek capital.

Photo: Frente [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
Folegandros: Discover a new Greek island, car-free Chora, narrow streets, open-air tavernas, crumbling churches, fragrant bougainvillea, and a hillside church after a ferry ride from Santorini.

Photo: Lindos Blu Rhodes Luxury Hotel & Suites

Lindos: Return to a medieval village, a strong-walled Acropolis, an ancient amphitheater, Byzantine churches, old captain’s houses, whitewashed homes, cobbled lanes, and a gorgeous resort in the Dodecanese.

Photo: Rene Konijnenberg at nl.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons
Mavrovouni: Dream about pastel buildings, ancient ruins, octopuses drying in the sun along the harbor, fishing boats tied to a waterfront promenade, and olive groves lining the hillside on the southernmost section of Greece’s mainland.

Photo: Milia Mountain Retreat

Milia: Explore hiking trails, Samaria Gorge, Lake Kournas, a remote village, and an eco-friendly retreat on Greece’s largest island.

Photo: N. Preseault

Milos: Find white sand, golden sand, red sand, and volcanic rocks on nearly 70 beaches on an island in the Cyclades.

Photo: Adrina Team

Panormos: Enjoy mild temperatures, no crowds, stabilizing prices, fjords, dense forests, hidden coves, golden-sand beaches, blue-roofed tavernas, Byzantine churches, and a beautiful resort on a hillside in the Sporades.

Photo: Sani Resort

Sane: Escape the heat with a private beach, perfectly spaced white sun loungers, the largest pool in Greece, a swim-up bar, a hidden spa, and fragrant gardens on a 1,000-acre property.

Photo: N Preseault

Santorini: Search for the perfect sunset, a ship-filled caldera, cliffside restaurants, whitewashed buildings, and a small resort built into the cliffs in the Aegean Sea.

Photo: Ekies All Senses Resort

Vourvourou: Take a much-needed break, explore Greece’s second-largest city, head south to the Sithonia peninsula, find a little village on the east coast, and settle into a small hotel during your summer vacation.


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